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The Demise of Table Manners

I am currently writing this on my phone at my desk at work I am on my lunch break not skiving before you ask, and I am having to type this one handed as the other hand is over my nose in an attempt to subdue the pungent smell of fish coming from one of the other desks.  


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Winter Lights Festival

From Tuesday 15th January to Saturday 26th January Canary Wharf will be holding their annual winter lights festival.

21 light installations have been placed around the are for people to see, enjoy and in some cases interact with. It is completely free

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Practicing Positivity

A few days ago I heard about “the law of attraction” (late on the band wagon for this one I know) and thought it is something I wanted to explore and try to incorporate in my life.

Many of the books relating to this topic encourage what I will politely refer to as “enthusiastic participation”. These are the ones that involve mood boards, visualisation and repeating daily affirmations to your self in the mirror every morning, which may be why I never read any of them, but the basic premise is something I can get behind.

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Trying to Read More

One of my goals for 2018 was to read more, I told myself I was going to read at least one book per month which felt easily achievable.

Cut to December 2018 and I have read a grand total of drum roll please

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