Boots Contact Lens Scheme Review

Boots Conact Lens Scheme.png

Just over 3 months ago I decided to commit to contact lenses and signed up to the contact lens reward scheme from Boots, which allows you to pay for your lenses by monthly direct debit and then have your lenses delivered for free to your home or chosen store.

Now there are may opticians who have similar schemes, and all have roughly the same concept. If you have ever worn contact lenses you will know that you cannot order lenses in small quantities like the 30 pairs you might want for the month (I use daily lenses), instead you need to order a 3 month supply which can be pricey and difficult to budget for. So contact lens schemes and subscriptions give you the option to pay for your 3 month supply of lenses in 3 monthly direct debit instalments rather than 1 large payment every 3 months which makes budgeting easier.

There are a few reasons I decided to go with Boots as opposed to other opticians, the biggest of these being advantage card points and the various other perks they offered the main ones being

  1. Boots advantage card points on all purchases (1 point for every £1 spent)

  2. Free yearly eye test

  3. 50% off all prescription glasses

  4. 25% off all no prescription sunglasses

  5. 10% off all Boots branded products

I didn’t realise at the time how good the 10% off Boots branded items was, as I was not aware that this offer extends to any brands that are exclusive to Boots like Soap and Glory and Fenty Beauty, yes I did say 10% off Fenty Beauty and no you can’t have my advantage card.

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