The Demise of Table Manners


I am currently writing this on my phone at my desk at work I am on my lunch break not skiving before you ask, and I am having to type this one handed as the other hand is over my nose in an attempt to subdue the pungent smell of fish coming from one of the other desks.  

My other hand is over my left ear attempting to block out the sound of one of my other colleagues chewing, which he does loudly and with his mouth open making a noise not dissimilar to that of a cow chewing the cud. 

I don't have a problem with what other people choose to eat, but I'm sure your mother taught you to chew with your mouth closed. And not eating food with strong smells in an enclosed space comes under basic consideration for others, we're you brought up or dragged up people!

I find the smell of fish to be particularly repugnant. I walk past fish counters holding my breath because I can't bear the smell, so perhaps I am a little overly sensitive about this particular topic but as our office has no windows and the air con is constantly being turned off as people are cold, I think we need to be a little more considerate about strong smelling food.

Rant over, see you next week!