My Clarins

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Meet My Clarins, the newest edition to Clarins skincare.

This range is aimed at teens and young adults, 18-25 year olds to be specific so I’m not exactly their target demographic, but there is no reason you cannot use this range at any age.

This is a step in a new direction for Clarins, not just the younger target market but also because it is their first vegan skincare line. Clarins does not test on animals but for this range they have gone one step further and are not releasing any of the products in this range to any country which requires animal testing by law.

This is a relatively small collection consisting of two cleansers a gel cleanser and micellar milk, a beauty mist, three moisturisers; matifying hydrating cream for oily combination skin, refreshing hydrating cream for normal skin and comforting hydrating cream for dry skin, there is also a sleep mask, a spot treatment and a blur and matte stick.

I can’t really give an in-depth review of the bulk of the skincare as it take longer than a week to see results. But everything feels nice to use, the clear out spot treatment is very effective the monster on my chin was half the size after one application, and the blur stick really does even out the skin and blur out minor imperfections, it also contains extract of strawberry fruit extract which smells amazing. and makes it even more appealing to use.

This range is also a little more affordable than some of Clarins other products, the cleansers are £17 each, the spot treatment and blur stick are £15 each, the moisturisers are £22 and the sleeping mask is £24 so this makes it a good entry point into premium skincare.