Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup.JPG

If you are a beauty junkie, and not been living under a rock for the last month,  it can’t have escaped your attention that milk makeup is now available in the UK.

It officially launched in the UK exclusively on on the 28th January but I actually went to the pop up launch two days earlier on 26th, not an exclusive event it was open to anyone (as long as you were willing to queue outside for an hour and a half) But it did give you a chance to see the products and try them in person rather than guessing your shade and ordering online.

Shopaholic that I am I couldn’t come out empty handed and opted to purchase the meet the fam set pictured below

Meet the fam.jpg

which contains minis of their seven most popular products to introduce you to the brand.

I also picked up the matcha cleanser on the day and the matcha toner and hydrating oil the day it launched online.

I loved the idea of their solid products, as they are compact, ideal for travel as the do not contain liquids and are all the same size and in exactly the same packaging so they sit well together on your bathroom shelf (although that aspect may only appeal to those with ocd).

I used the matcha cleanser for two days and was so impressed I placed and order for the toner and hydrating oil, the cleanser was amazing it went on like a smooth gel which lathered nicely and left my skin feeling fresh and clean without drying it out at all. Sing choirs of angels I have found the holy grail of skincare!

I added the toner and hydrating oil to my daily skincare routine. I have to admit the idea of a solid toner was a weird one, but the stick was cooling and refreshing and I came to enjoy using it. The hydrating oil was nourishing and luxurious and smelt like mango which made it even nicer to use, the whole routine was fantastic. However after a few days my skin began to become so dry it was painful to touch and my skin was stinging

I think the cleanser may have been to blame for this.

When I tested and bought the cleanser it looked like this,

Matcha Cleanser.jpg

a smooth solid stick with no sign of any grains, beads or other manual exfoliant. However after using the cleanser for a few days the smooth exterior wore away to reveal a harsh grainy texture with exfoliating beads. I was not expecting this at all, from the smooth texture when I tested it I assumed the exfoliating nature of the cleanser was a mild chemical exfoliant    

I don’t think that this cleanser is suitable for anyone with dry or sensitive skin as the bead exfoliation is far too harsh for daily use. overall I was disappointed and felt there was not enough information about which products were suitable for which skin type which is even more important when you can only buy online I also don’t see the point of the exfoliating beads in the cleanser, you do not need to use a manual exfoliator every day as it can damage the skin over time. I think .they should have used the exfoliating beads in the face mask which you use less often and left them out of the daily cleanser as apart from that the cleanser was perfect.