Confused- Part One


There seems to be an increasing amount of things that I see or hear that just don’t make any sense to me, because they either make no logical sense, are completely unnecessary or a trend that has somehow passed me by because I am not a teenager.

Well instead of muttering to myself about these things I have decided to start a blog series to share them with you, and possibly reassure myself I am not the only one who fails to see the point of these things.

I am going to start with the station announcement, mostly because i hear it every damned day and it drives me mad. Every day on my way to and from work I hear this station announcement

When using moving escalators , please stand to the right hand side and hold on to the rail.
if you wish to walk please do so on the left hand side

Did you spot the unnecessary word in that statement? Yep, moving escalators are moving staircases, they arep designed to move it is their primary function.

You would never use the term ‘non moving escalator' because an escalator that does not move is not a non moving escalator it is a non working one.

I am sure even the least intelligent amongst us can work out if an escalator is not moving, the usual rules of standing to the right and holding on to the rail do not apply.

So why do TFL feel the need to give instructions specifically for moving escalators, and if they think we are stupid enough not to know escalators are supposed to move why not add “if escalator is not moving please walk up the steps like you would any other stationary staircase”

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