Practicing Positivity


A few days ago I heard about “the law of attraction” (late on the band wagon for this one I know) and thought it is something I wanted to explore and try to incorporate in my life.

Many of the books relating to this topic encourage what I will politely refer to as “enthusiastic participation”. These are the ones that involve mood boards, visualisation and repeating daily affirmations to your self in the mirror every morning, which may be why I never read any of them, but the basic premise is something I can get behind.

The basic idea behind the law of attraction is that like attracts like. So if you approach every situation negatively the universe will respond with the same. For example, have you ever left the house late, stressed out and in a bad mood only to find that you miss your bus or train, get stuck in traffic or in a tunnel, and your day seems to turn into a snowball of bad luck. The law of attraction would say that this is because you responded negatively to being late and the universe picked up on this negative energy and responded with further negativity until your day became the shit storm it felt like it was.

The idea is to try and see something positive in every situation, just missed your bus or train think “never mind there will be anther one in a few minutes, and that one was probably packed anyway so this is probably a good thing” not always easy I know, I am a long term pessimist and thinking this way is not just a change of mindset but more a change of everything in my life but am willing to give it a go.

I tried this last Friday, I visualized money coming into my life and that evening I won the lottery! Before you get over excited and think this is the answer to everything, it was only £4.40 but it was still a win and I choose to see it as a sign I am on the right track so I will continue to practice positivity, and trust me I need a lot of practice!

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