Winter Lights Festival

Winter Lights.jpg

From Tuesday 15th January to Saturday 26th January Canary Wharf will be holding their annual winter lights festival.

21 light installations have been placed around the are for people to see, enjoy and in some cases interact with. It is completely free, and if you want to make sure you see them all here is the map for this year's festival.

Winter Lights Map.JPG

I have been to this festival every year so far and will continue as long as it keeps running as there is always something new to see, although it is a little disappointing to see some installations year after year.

There is always something that stands out each year, the interactive one are usually a highlight I can clearly remember playing leapfrog on pads that changed colour when you jumped on them but my favourite has to be this one from 2016

Mooning Mike.JPG

It may not seem that impressive but it was extremely windy and he was not that well tied down, so he looked like he was bowing to you, unless you were around the other side, then he was mooning you! Hildish I know but it made us laugh.

If you are anywhere near the canary wharf area, I would highly recommend taking a walk around and taking advantage of this art event. If you do go let me know your favourite instalation, and feel free to share your photos.

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