Musings on Mornings


I am not a morning person, but there are a few things that bug me more than most

Alarm Clocks

Who decided that pretty much the entire human race should be awoken by a loud beeping sound in their ear? And why make the buttons so fiddly, I mean what is with the ones with switches, whose bright idea was that? Let’s face it who can honestly say that they are alert enough to see a tiny switch with their eyes half shut? I know I can’t , I’d throw the thing at the wall if it wasn’t plugged in to it. Speaking of throwing alarm clocks at the wall, do you remember those alarm clocks that you had to throw at the wall to turn them off? Now that was an invention! But I was never allowed on I am not a morning person I think I would have broken it within a week; well it was probably for the best.

Good Morning, what’s so good about it?

There is only one thing worse that having to get up in the morning, discount the indignity that is dragging you butt out of bed, prising your eyes open, picking up the half of the duvet that has somehow ended up on the floor during the night, rolling down the pyjama leg that ends up just under your knee (maybe the last two are just me) Then stumble downstairs in search of caffeine and to make matters worse you are confronted with, horror of all horrors: a morning person!!!

Morning people   

They come bounding down the stairs like an over excited Labrador, loudly wishing everyone a good morning and then start to hum, or sing, or put the television on I like TV just not morning as all the presenters are morning people, but hell they get paid to be perky and I don’t! So don’t expect more than a grunt before coffee, and if you sing I am going to have to slap you