Trying to Read More

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One of my goals for 2018 was to read more, I told myself I was going to read at least one book per month which felt easily achievable.

Cut to December 2018 and I have read a grand total of drum roll please 2 books, no I didn’t forget the 1 in front of the 2 I really only read 2 books which is not even close to the 12 I was aiming for. So I am going to try again in 2019.

I would also like to try and set up a book club style section on my blog where I can tell you what I have been reading and what I thought of it, and I would encourage any of you to add your opinions on the book and any recommendations of other books to read.

To spur myself on to actually do this I have signed up to a reading subscription service which sends you one book per month so I have no real excuse.

The service I found was Reading in Heels which sends you a box each month containing a paperback book along with some treats to enjoy while you are reading your book. These could be skincare, tea or hot chocolate and sweets chocolate and snacks.

What I received pictured above was a book, tealight candle, sheet face mask, chocolate and notepad. The value of the box contents far outweighs the price, the book alone is priced at £8.99 however it does depend on whether you are going to use what is included as to whether the box is good value.

for me the face mask was passed to my Mum as i am allergic to one of the ingredients, the candle will never be used as I am scared of them,and the notepad will be added to the other dozen or so i have stashed in overflowing drawers. So the only items I would be able to make use of are the book and the chocolate which reduces the value for me.

I am on the fence about subscription boxes, on the one hand it’s nice to have something arrive every month that doesn’t give you PMS and the surprise contents makes it more exciting when it does arrive. but the surprise contents means you never know what you are going to get, and in my experience you are almost always disappointed. Not sure about continuing this one.

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